Low Cost Stocking Stuffers!! #Swagbucks #SwapDotCom #HolidayShopping

Chelsea and I have been sharing about how Swagbucks is helping us with our groceries, Christmas shopping, entertainment budget, etc. Well now there is a deal with Swap(dot)com that you get 20SB per $1. Swap.com is a thrift store that you can buy Video Games, Toys, Clothing, etc at a great discount. Chelsea and I bought several Skylanders Characters, a few video games, an art set that is actually brand new, even one of the skylanders was brand new, and a cute puppy stuffed animal.  See below for details on how to save and get some great presents in the process. 

If you have not joined Swagbucks yet if you use my referral link there is a bonus when you reach 300SB and another bonus when you spend $25. I think if you used both of these deals you could easily spend that and then get back a nice amount of money.
Follow these steps and you will be able to do some great shopping:
Step 1: Join Swagbucks by Clicking Here
Step 2: Verify your registration in your email.
Step 3: Join Swap(dot)com using this link: Click Here
Step 4: Verify your registration in your email.
Step 5: Go back to Swagbucks and search for swap.com to activate the Shop and Earn. Spend at least $25 so that you will get your $2 bonus on Swagbucks.
Step 6: Before Checking out of the store double check that your Shop and Earn is activated so that you will get your points.
Step 7: If you get your swagbucks to 300 SB by December 31st you will get another bonus of $3.
Hope that you like this deal and take advantage of it.
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