Loving Life as Chelsea’s Mommy! #MommyDaughterTime #Blessed

Its really hard to believe that my baby is already 4 years old. I truly wish that I could reverse the time a bit so I can get more time with her. She is just growing up too quickly for me. It feels like yesterday she was just a little baby. She can be a handful at times and other times she is as sweet as can be. Yesterday I was trying on some different tops and she was saying “Mommy that is Stylish and you are beautiful”. Its so adorable when she is saying things like that.

15272147_1206146856146793_5613755665221851071_o1She is very much a girly girl as well as a bit of a dare devil. She loves to get into everything. She loves playing with her little cars and trains. She knows that her daddy loves that type of thing so she loves when she gets to play with him. She loves playing games with her daddy. He has been playing Pokemon Go lately and she jumps up and runs to him every time she hears the game on. I play the game occasionally as well but I know it somethings she enjoys with her daddy.

15289050_1211257772302368_7134910762481424137_oChelsea and I really enjoy going shopping, playing games together, watching movies together, and making crafts together. I love having a little one with a lot of the same interests as me. She loves to play with her baby dolls, her stuffed animals and imaginative playing with her kitchen. She is so much more outgoing than I am though. She is constantly talking and telling stories. I love being a mommy to this little one. She is really precious and loving. I am constantly teaching her how to be the type of person that shares and cares for others. I want her to know if she has something to give that she should help others that are around her.

14681105_1156740317754114_5033185426379845299_oI know that she definitely wants to be a big sister one day and I hope that will happen some day in the near future. I really would love to have another little one in our home. She just adores her little cousins and spending time with them. She is best friends with her little cousin Rayna and really loves playing with her as much as possible. We don’t see her often since we live in different states. We try our best to visit a few times a year or more if possible so that the girls stay close. Chelsea has other cousins as well in the area that we need to be better connected with. I feel that growing up I didn’t really have a great connection with my family that much.  Most of my family lived far away anyways and we could never afford the travel cost to go see any of them. I pretty much stayed to myself I was very afraid of getting hurt emotionally and sometimes I still feel that way. I don’t want my daughter to feel that way like I did. Anyways there are days where I feel down and I feel that just seeing Chelsea and her beautiful spirit really helps me keep on going.

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