Winter Adventures with Chelsea! #MorningWalk #MommyDaughterTime

Chelsea and enjoy getting out and walking around our neighborhood. One day last week we decided we would take Chelsea’s Cozy Coupe out for a spin and LTeeny wanted to go for a walk with us. So the three of us went out and enjoyed ourselves for a couple of hours.

15230692_1204342192993926_6013623321847993100_nLTeeny is the type of dog that will walk for as much as she wants then gets tired and wants to ride with Chelsea. She really enjoys getting out and spending time with Chelsea and I. Even though LTeeny is 12 years old she still likes to get out and enjoy herself. Chelsea and LTeeny are close they truly bond very well. I love how Chelsea loves to include LTeeny in many things that she does. We definitely have fun when we go for our walks. We have 2 playgrounds in our neighborhood and several neighbors that we love to go visit while we are on our walks. Its best when we go for our walks during the day because it is not too chilly out side. This was definitely a fun day for us. Chelsea truly enjoyed herself and has been asking to go again really soon.

15192611_1204340699660742_858932478753206102_nHalfway through our walk. Chelsea was tired of riding in her cozy coupe. She wanted to take LTeeny out in her Dump Truck by American Plastic Toys. I really thought LTeeny was going to jump out or be scared of being inside the truck but she really seemed to enjoy herself. She has been having fun digging and making messes in our backyard with her dump truck. Taking her baby dolls for walks and even has her stuffed animals drive her truck. Even though this toy is generally for boys its a big hit for my daughter. She really makes this toy work for her. The past week it seems that this toy is definitely one of her favorites. She constantly plays with her different toys and rotates them which is great.  We never expected this dump truck to be as big as it is. It was definitely a great surprise for us.


Our Dachshund Charlie unfortunately doesn’t like to go for walks anymore. He has trouble with it because of his eye sight. We tried taking him out for a walk last night and my husband had to whistle the whole way just for Charlie to keep up with us. He was walking slower than a snail it seemed. He used to be the one that wanted to go for his walks more than LTeeny even wanted to go. I felt so bad for him since he seemed like he was not enjoying himself at all.  I know that its best that he just stay close to home and enjoy the porch or spend some time on the grass in our front yard. We have done that with him the past couple weekends. It has really been good for him.

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  1. mommybay12 says:

    How special, I miss those days with my little one.

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