Sharing about Some of Our Favorites! #thoughts #familytime

This weekend we got to spend time with our family. I really enjoy the time that we have. Even if we just relax at home and play games or go for a picnic. I love going to places where you can just enjoy the scenery. This is the time of the year when you just want to lounge in the patio or at the park and watch the scenery. I am actually already thinking about our next camping trip and just lounging and watching the birds. Our Menifee camping trip is one of my favorite times of the year and my second favorite is the Holiday Season. I just love Christmas.

What is your favorite time of the year?

Chelsea and I really love being able to give back to the community during the Christmas Holidays. This year has been a bit rough for us and we have run into many hurdles. We have not been able to collect as many donations as we have in the past normally I am able to Clearance shop throughout the year to make our donation grand. I feel that this year it will not be like that I do however know we will be able to donate some.

Do you give back to your community? If so what do you do?

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1 Response to Sharing about Some of Our Favorites! #thoughts #familytime

  1. mommybay12 says:

    I love the fall, because of all the great fall festivals.

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