Living in the Las Vegas Community! #Activities #FamilyFun #SeaQuest #JohnsIncrediblePizza

Chelsea and I are mainly home bodies because there isn’t that much for families to do in our community if your on a low budget. That is going to be changing in a little more than a month with the opening of Sea Quest Aquarium. Chelsea and I really enjoy spending the day watching the scenery, playing games or doing art. My daughter and I really enjoy going to places that have animals whether its a park, the zoo, or the aquarium.

Once the new aquarium opens we will be posting frequently about our adventures there. I am so excited for it. It will be located at the Boulevard Mall which is one of the oldest malls in Las Vegas. They are transforming that mall into a Family oriented entertainment zone. The whole back side of the mall will be different entertainment venues from the movie theater, the aquarium, a mini golf center, John’s Incredible Pizza (which by the way we already go there monthly), toddler play ground, mini amusement center and so much more.

John’s Incredible Pizza has been one of our go to places for family date. We love that it is buffet style and that it is an arcade. We love that they have several different dining areas to choose from. The entertainment in each dining area is themed so that it fits multi populations. I especially love the Toon room it has Disney Junior on which has many of my daughters favorite shows on. We love that we can spend several hours at John’s pizza is not spend more than $50 for the 3 of us that includes playing the games and the food.

Growing up here in Las Vegas all we really had was what was available on the Strip which is not really a family oriented area. It is more for adults even though there is a mix of arcades and such down there. I just don’t feel its appropriate for small children. We really love that companies are now coming in and improving our community so that we have those family oriented places that are off the strip and are in area of town that it is mainly locals. I know that the aquarium will bring in tourists which is great and hopefully it will bring in more family oriented places to go.

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