Readers Circle With Chelsea: Six Dots! #Educational #Braille

Six Dots is an inspiring picture-book biography of a blind boy so determined to read that he invented his own alphabet. Chelsea and I really love that we are able to learn about the man that created braille. It is great to have this resource for the blind to still be in touch with the world like every one else. They are able to read books just like every one else. One thing I wish though was to have one page of the book indented so that you can feel it just like the blind are able to do it just would make this book even more educational.

51lmqo0nabl-_sx381_bo1204203200_Louis Braille was just five years old when he lost his sight. He was a clever boy, determined to live like everyone else, and what he wanted more than anything was to be able to read. And so he invented his own alphabet—a whole new system for writing that could be read by touch. A system so ingenious that it is still used by the blind community today.

Award-winning writer Jen Bryant tells Braille’s inspiring story with a lively and accessible text, filled with the sounds, the smells, and the touch of Louis’s world. Boris Kulikov’s inspired paintings help readers to understand what Louis lost, and what he was determined to gain back through books.

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