Adventures with Coley & Chelsea! #SeaquestAquarium #BoulevardMall

Chelsea and I are getting excited for when the Aquarium is supposed to be opening. We know that we have a little more than a month to go! We have been counting down the months. We really love animals and truly enjoyed ourselves when we went to the aquarium of the pacific with a family this past spring. We plan on spending at least half a day every other week here at the aquarium and at the mall. Boulevard Mall is turning into a place that is centered around entertainment for families with small children. They have a little amusement park for kids with a choo choo train, carousel, and a few other rides. They also have John’s Incredible Pizza attached to the mall.

John’s Incredible Pizza is our go to place for our family dates. We love that the food is buffet style so that everyone gets what they like. Chelsea and I really enjoy spending our time playing the games, watching the televisions and just getting out.

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