Time to reflect on the happenings! #Garden #Life #LifeMovesOn

Sometimes I feel that in order to make your life better you need to adjust yourself around others. I have noticed that since my daughter and I have been staying on top of keeping our backyard clean we have been able to enjoy ourselves so much better. She is able to take her toys to the backyard and just play. This year we lost 2 of our dogs so even though that was tragic it was for the better. We really have been able to keep on top of our chores and keep our home clean for the most part.

In Early July we found out that we have a watermelon plant growing. I have never really been the type of person that would have plants growing and actually be able to keep them alive and well. Something happened this year. I had always wanted to learn how to take care of a garden and have our own fruits and veggies growing. Chelsea and I are going to be adding more items to our garden later on this year so that next summer we will have a beautiful garden and delicious items growing.


So many more adventures to come I am so glad that fall is almost here. I am really tired of this heat and would like to enjoy the outdoors a bit more. We plan on spending our time outdoors until it gets too cold for us to be outdoors normally not until December.

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