Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Summer Camping Trip at Idyllwild California Part 2!

During our camping trips Saturdays is always the day for Candy Bar Bingo at 3:00 PM being used to the candy bar bingo at Menifee I was actually excited for it. This location also had art projects for the kids at 11:00 AM and an ice cream social at 2:00 PM.  

After breakfast we took Chelsea over to the lodge so that we could participate in the art project.  The Delgados were actually leaving the campgrounds and heading home on that day so Caralynn, my dad and Denise stayed at the campground to help the pack up. Caralynn ended up coming to the lodge to check on us and we took our supplies and headed back up to the campsite. After they left we went into town to check out the little shops. It was interesting to see how much tourists were up there. We even found a little yard sale while we were up there.

After that we made sure to head back to the campground for Candy Bar Bingo and Ice Cream Social. I had promised Chelsea an ice cream if she ate her lunch and took her nap like a good girl. This Candy Bingo was a lot different then what we were used to so none of us were able to get bingo. Its alright though since I was already starting my diet anyways. We headed back to the campground to relax and play a couple of games. Denise wanted to relax since she wasn’t feeling good. So we kept Chelsea busy by playing her bean bag game with her. She really enjoyed playing that game.

After dinner, Chelsea really wanted dad to push her in the stroller for a walk and I tagged a long for the walk. This walk was however the worst one for me over the weekend not by the sights but the steepness at that point I was already exhausted from all of the walking on Friday and earlier in the day. I am however happy that I pushed through it and stopped at the horse corral again to pet the horses. I really believe that one of the horses we part donkey as it seems all of the donkeys I have met this year ended up being my buddy. They ended up being the sweetest animal of the bunch. The donkey that we saw at Joe’s farm and the one at Bonnie Springs had a similar personality to this one. Which was great. Having something to look forward to is what pushed me through. I ended up with over 14000 steps for the day after our walk. When it was bed time I was so exhausted that I went right to sleep.

Sunday was our day to pack up and get ready to head home we were not anticipating our drive to be 6 hours yet again. When we got close to the Hwy 138 we noticed a fire burning near a lake. The smoke could be smelt and seen all the way to close to Baker. The smoke was giving Chelsea a headache so we had her recline her seat and try to take a nap. I put some peppermint essential oils on her forehead and gave her some Gatorade to sip on. Once we were out of the smokey area she was feeling better. I definitely say that our trip was a lot of fun and I look forward to many more. I hope one day that my husband comes a long.

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