Little bit about Little Miss Chelsea! #DanceLessons #Art #Animals

Chelsea has been going to dance lessons since she was 2 years old. She really enjoys learning her dance moves and even singing a long with the songs. She has a great memory sometimes she surprising me with how much she can retain. Even though she is shy for the most part she attempts to do the different routines. She evens wants me to practice with her.  I used to take dance lessons and even was in choir for a few years growing up so I know that she gets that from me.  I love all of the little adventures with my daughter. She really brightens up my day and I am happy to have her by my side. 13246408_1042777809150366_5654661910591313245_o

She really enjoys doing arts and crafts as well. She loves making sticker art, attempting to write her letters and number as well as painting. She loves trying new forms of art as well. She really loves when we do things with our 2 dogs Charlie and LTeeny. She is constantly carrying our Chihuahua LTeeny around the house and playing with her. LTeeny is 12 years old and Charlie is 13 years old so they tend to want to just want to lay down and relax. Chelsea really makes sure that they stay active though.

13062925_1033580146736799_2191598662585224408_o (1)

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