Reading Circle with Chelsea – July Round Up!

Chelsea and I would love to share with you some of our favorite books that we have been reading at Story Time! We really love just reading different little stories together. Chelsea loves looking at the pictures and trying to read the words herself for 3 years old I think that is pretty good. Since we mainly just have times when its the 2 of us we love just relaxing with a good book. 


We have 3 books to share with you today. We would like to start with “The Magical Fantastical Fridge” by Harlan Coben. We really think that this one is a cute story. It is about a boy with a wide imagination. His mom had asked him to get the table ready for dinner and he kept getting side tracked with the different items on the fridge. Chelsea and I really loved the many little adventures that took place. We definitely feel that kids of many ages would love this cute story. I know my daughter could definitely relate to the little boy as she does have a wild imagination.


Next on our list is “Ferocious Fluffity” by Erica S. Perl. We really love animals so we knew right away that this one would be a big hit for us. I am not necessarily a fan of hamsters but the pictures in the book make it absolutely adorable. The kids in the story were so excited when they saw the little one that they quickly wanted to open the cage and let it out. The hamster started feeling unsure of her surroundings so he kept biting the kids as each one attempted to hold it. The kids learned that its best to know more about their pets before letting the out of their safe zone.


Last but not least “My Favorite Pets by Gus W for Ms. Smolinski’s Class” by Jeanne Birdsall. This one was definitely a big hit for us again because it featured animals. Chelsea really enjoyed learning about Gus’s favorite pet Sheep. I loved that the boy was sharing about how he lived on a farm and out of all of the animals that were there he just loved and adored his sheep. It is funny how he tries to do some many different things with his pets but then realizes that its really not the right thing.

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