Summer Adventures with Coley & Chelsea! #FunTimes

This year has been going by so fast. I am having a hard time believing that it is already June. Chelsea and I have plans to enjoy this summer thoroughly. We have 2 playgrounds in our neighborhood as well as an indoor playground at the Mall nearby that we love spending a few hours of our day at. Chelsea really loves going to the one at the mall since its indoors and we get to walk around the mall and enjoy the sights. This summer has been so hot so far. Its been over 100 degrees every day so far we haven’t even really had any cool mornings its been in the 90’s when we are heading to work. We are always looking for things to do indoors but away from the big crowds and not too costly.

Our mall has been doing some renovations and they are actually not even halfway complete. We are so excited for Boulevard Mall to turn into a family fun center. They have already opened Johns Incredible Pizza and are now in the middle of construction of Seaquest Aquarium. We are so excited for the Aquarium to open this fall. Since it is close to my home and work we plan on going there frequently.  Boulevard Mall is not your average mall a lot of the stores, restaurants and entertainment are small businesses. They do have some of the well known stores as well. Once all of the renovations are complete they will be opening a movie theater and a trampoline place just to name a couple places.

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