Adventures with Coley and Chelsea: Life is Changing!

This past few weeks have just be traumatic for us. We went have been a family of 7 (our pets included) to a family of 5. One of our dogs seemed to be going on a downhill slope. She was almost 11 years old and for awhile seemed like she had a few more years in her. She ended up getting a tumor on her hip that made her have a hard time walking and she seemed that she was in a lot of pain.  We tried our best to help Bella the one that had been getting sick. We have always been living check by check and trying to survive. All of the medical bills that it would of taken just was not in our budget and there was a large chance of her getting the tumor back. We had to let Bella go up to heaven. I know that she is no longer suffering and is up with my grandparents and mom.

Our budget considered, we also felt it was necessary to give our pets a good life to go from having 4 dogs to 2. We don’t have a large backyard or the means to give them the right amount attention. Since we now only have 2 little ones Chelsea and I have been able to take them out for walks and we no longer have to worry about messes in the house, dogs jumping on the table, etc.  I truly miss our pets that we had to let go. Every day I wish they were back but I do know that 1 is in now in heaven no longer in pain while the other one is in a new home with a nice yard and with a family friend so that we are able to see her now and again.

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