Adventures with Chelsea & Coley: Day 5 at Wilderness Lakes! #Camping #Wildlife

We spent the morning just lounging around and watching the ducks. Chelsea and I took our coloring books outside to just color and watch the nature. Chelsea wanted to go for a walk with Papa so she did. Denise spent some time painting that is her way of just relaxing. Chelsea wanted to paint with Nana so she got on an apron and tried to paint with Nana’s watercolors. We had a delicious lunch and then Chelsea head off to take a nap. Denise continued to water paint. She sure makes some beautiful creations.

We went to go on a walk and I found my favorite ducks and geese. They seem to be doing good but located at different spots than they normally are at. The white goose seems to be doing better though she was a bit grumpy today. She did have her friend with her though. Aflac the white duck with sparkling blue eyes was with his friends the Dalmatian Ducks one of them seem to be getting bothered has he had a bald spot on his neck. I was very happy to see them. We got back to our trailer and had dinner with our friends and family.

We enjoyed some games and laughter. What a great day. Excited to go visit Joe’s Farm tomorrow. Its a local petting zoo that we are going to be taking Chelsea and Chris to see. I know Chelsea is getting really excited to see all of the animals. Sad that we only have 2 1/2 more days here.

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