Adventures with Chelsea & Coley: Day 4 at Wilderness Lakes!

We spent most of the day just lounging around. We had a great time just playing games, watching movies. Chelsea enjoyed several walks with Dad and the dogs. We played Ten Penny and Scrabble dad won both games.

LTeeny enjoyed some time outdoors just relaxing and seeing the ducks go up and down the canals. We went out several walks through out the day and took the dogs around the place. We have been having some rainy and cold weather here so we are not doing as many outdoor activities as we would like. LTeeny really loves getting to spend her time here. Chelsea just adores it here too since it is right up her alley. She loves animals so much and loves feeding the ducks and geese. The past 2 years there have been baby ducks and geese here as well. We have not seen any yet but we finally saw a bunch of our favorites. The Chinese Geese gang as I call it were at our trailer waiting for dinner to be served. One of them has tumors on his eyes so we think that he may be blind. He knocked one of the geese standing by him right into the water. Chelsea wanted to watch a movie before bed so we did.

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