Adventures with Chelsea & Coley: Day 3 at Wilderness Lakes!

We had made an appointment for the girls to get their nails trimmed. The lady did an absolute great job. Normally LTeeny is very nervous about getting her nails trimmed. She was falling asleep while getting it done.

Chelsea loves trains so much that we made a day trip and went to visit a train museum in Perris. It is called the Orange Empire Museum. It had some of the train cars to that my grandma used to ride in growing up.

My great grandfather worked in one of the Pacific Electric Powerhouses. It was neat seeing the different train cars. We even got to go inside some of them. Some of the train cars were like the trolleys you see in San Francisco. I loved seeing the train car from Singing in The Rain.

I got a quick bite to eat and then ran a couple errands before going back to the trailer. We played a couple games and then walked the dogs. We enjoyed playing several games. Chelsea kept winning at UNO Moo and Moose Caboose. 

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