Adventures With Chelsea & Coley: Day 1 at Wilderness Lakes! #CampingTrip

This year we made a stop in Primm and we spent the night there. The next morning we hit some traffic on our way to Wilderness Lakes. There was a few accidents and construction zones.

We arrived at our destination at around 3pm. Sarah was already at the trailer visiting with Denise (Mom). We had a quick bite to eat and then headed over to the train. Chelsea really enjoys the train. I love that you are able to go around the whole park and see how everyone decorates their spots. Some of the people stay for 3 weeks at a time so they make it as comfortable as possible.

We spent some time outside just relaxing and watching the geese and ducks. I love just spending time outdoors watching the ducks and watching the other families fish. We saw several people catching fish. In the evening we went to have dinner at our friend’s trailer. Linda made the best Raviolis Chelsea was just eating them up since they had spinach. Chelsea really enjoys spinach. Chelsea and I colored eggs after dinner and spent some time just enjoying each others company. It seemed like Sarah wanted to go to bed a bit early but Chelsea got to play a game with her on her phone for a bit.

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