Excited About Our Upcoming Spring Adventures! #Camping

For the past two years we have been going camping the week after Easter. Chelsea and I really enjoy seeing the beautiful wildlife living at the campgrounds. It is great seeing the ducklings and goslings that just have hatched. It is also great seeing some of our friends from the previous years. I am getting excited to see my favorite geese and my favorite ducks. I am also getting excited to spend time with our family. I really wish one year that my husband would be able to go with us for part of it at least. 

 I know that our dog, LTeeny and Chelsea are getting awfully excited as we countdown the days until our trip. Chelsea just loves taking the dogs for walks, playing golf, spending time with nana and papa.  We really get to just relax and enjoy the scenery when we go.  I love seeing the animals and the atmosphere of the place. I am hoping our time there doesn’t go too quickly.

Less than a week until our trip we are excited to share our adventures as the happen so stay tuned for our posts during the week. Saturday will be our first day there so our first post will possibly be on Monday since Sunday is Easter.

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