Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Our Visit to Bonnie Springs Nevada!

When we have family here visiting most times we try to find something new and interesting to see in this case its been more than 11 years since I have been to Bonnie Springs so it was great getting to re-experience it. Since there was a time gap in going there it was almost like it was new to me. It is a like a little Wild West town. I really enjoyed the petting zoo and the little restaurant with the pond next to it. It was interesting looking in the little museums as well. This is definitely place that you should plan to be there for at least half of your day. Its about 45 mins away from my home. If you have time you can also spend part of it at the Red Rock National Park.

The petting zoo has a wide variety of animals from goats, deer, donkeys, Shetland ponies, ducks, chickens, bunnies and even turtles. I really loved the Shetland Pony and Deer. The Deer seemed to love my sister. She bought several handfuls of the food so the Deer was awfully hungry.

We really enjoy spending time with the nature. Bonnie Springs really gives you the oppo I especially love when we go camping in the spring and visit with all of the ducks, cranes and geese. So many families to see. Each year we get to some of our favorites. Hope you check out our blog in the next few weeks as get ready for our trip.

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