Family Vacation Time: Los Angeles Zoo! #Zoo #AnimalAdventures #ToddlerFavorites

Chelsea and I really got to enjoy ourselves this weekend. We went to the Aquarium of The Pacific and then the next day we were able to enjoy the Los Angeles Zoo. I don’t believe that I had even been there before this time. I was just as excited as Chelsea to see the different animals. We really loved seeing all of the different animals. I don’t think that we even saw half of the animals at the zoo. Chelsea really loved going to the petting zoo part and getting close to the Giraffes. Chelsea just adores Giraffes. Chelsea really loved being able to play with the Otters and even brush the goats in the petting zoo. We really loved that we were able to get close to our family members. 

Chelsea and I really enjoyed our day at the Zoo. We really wish that we were able to see the whole place but we are happy with what we were able to see. We love that we were able to join in on this adventure. I know Chelsea was so exhausted after the long weekend. She ended up sleeping from when we left the Zoo until the next morning.

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