Somedays Are Best Spent Outdoors!

Chelsea seemed to be having one of her restless days. We had woke up late and were having a rough time trying to get her ready for the day. I am glad that we decided to go grab something to eat and just eat breakfast with Grandma so that we didn’t arrive to late in the day. My Aunt had some toys in the backyard that were just begging to be played with in Chelsea’s eyes. So we all decided to move the toys closer to Grandma’s apartment for her to be able to see her playing.

Chelsea didn’t really want to take her nap or even rest this day. She took a very short nap. I think it was because she was excited to go back outside to play some more. Chelsea was really using her imagination while playing in the backyard. She was pretending to order different food items. I really wish we had a bigger backyard for her to be able to play with these kind of toys in yard. I know she would be entertained for hours. We have a small yard.

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