One Sweet Mommy Daughter Day!

Yesterday, Chelsea and I just spent most of the day doing crafts as well as playing outside. Chelsea wanted to explore in the backyard and feed the chickens. We really loved looking around in the back and playing with the dogs. I know that our little Chihuahua LTeeny was really enjoying herself. She kept running around in the backyard like a little bunny. I know that LTeeny has really enjoyed herself this vacation.

We really love spending time outdoors and exploring so we love when we go over to my parents house as they have a large backyard for the Chelsea and the dogs to roam and explore. Chelsea was looking for little flowers and different rocks. She found a little bucket and was using that to put her collection in.

Chelsea and I thought it would be nice if we attempted to make dinner. I don’t really like to cook that often but I am attempting to learn home to make some different things. We decided to make cheesy chicken sour cream enchilada. The way we make it is almost like a lasagna. I believe every liked it. I know that it is one of Chelsea’s favorite meals that I make. I know she eats everything off her plate when I make it. All of us had seconds except for Chelsea.

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