Soaking Up Some Sun! #LittleTikes #FunOutdoors #ToddlerFavorites

Chelsea has really been wanting to get out and run around so after sitting at the dealership waiting for our car to be at the tip top shape. We decided to go to the little playground in our complex to run off some energy before nap time.

12487043_965844846843663_5381995491761695876_oChelsea really loves playing on the bouncy dinosaur. We love that our parks now have one of our favorite toy companies represented “Little Tikes”. Our complex has 2 Children’s playgrounds which is prefect for us. Sometimes my daughter is in the mood for the slide and bouncy dinosaur. Or sometimes she is in a climbing and swings mood. Each playground has different items available to play on. We love that we have these amenities available to us.

I know my daughter really enjoys being able to run around and play outdoors.

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