Just Some Thoughts From Us:

I am planning on spending more of my time this year doing family activities and trying to improve on my health. This next week we will be spending time with our family. We haven’t had the chance to spend time with my grandma (Chelsea’s GiGi) that often so I know that Chelsea and I will really enjoy that. We love just chatting and playing games with her. My Aunt is also there visiting so it will be great to see her too.  Several of my family members live right there so we will get to spend time with all of them. I know that Chelsea is really getting anxious for our vacation to start. She is constantly stating that she wants to go spend time with Nana, Papa and GiGi. Chelsea and I are also planning on doing more crafty activities. We have started to organize our crafting closet to prepare for some of creative thoughts to start rolling through. We really love making different items. We are hoping to share with our readers some of creations throughout the year so stay tuned for that.

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