Las Vegas Community: Our Experience at KLUC 98.5 TOY DRIVE! #FeelTheTingle #KLUCToyDrive


Chelsea and I spent the whole year collecting toys for this event. We wanted to make sure we were able to help several families during these holidays.  We really enjoy helping others whenever we can. If you have any extra’s to give this year…think of this program.


Anyways this year at Toy Drive. They have it set up so neat. There are many different Christmas Trees beautifully decorated. Chelsea really enjoyed looking at each of them and taking pictures by them. I think we may go back next weekend just to visit.  I have been volunteering for this  Toy Drive for the past 9 years. Each year my daughter and I want to bring as many toys as we can so that other families can have a Merry Christmas too.


If you live in the Las Vegas area and have any way of helping other families in need. Even just 1 toy helps. A lot of the times preteens and even younger teens are forgotten as they are just getting out of the toys stage and not quite adults. I always try to find DVDs, CDs, Art Sets, or even spa baskets to donate. If you do donate or just feeling holiday spirited please tweet using the tag #FeelTheTingle

Toy Drive starts Thursday December 3rd at 6am at NV Energy at 6226 West Sahara (just West of Jones.) Chet Buchanan lives on top of a 30 foot scaffold at NV Energy for 12 days…until Monday December 14th at 10am.

New, unwrapped toys, bicycles and gift cards are accepted 24 hours a day. Cash too!


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  1. Miranda Welle says:

    That is so awesome! We love sponsoring others for Christmas too!

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