Gift Idea for Puzzle Lovers: Flip-Stir! #Puzzles #FlipStir

Puzzles are a great gift for kids and even adults. We love playing with puzzles and games in our household. Flip-Stir is a great game for adults that like puzzles. This puzzle does take a long time for you to solve the puzzle but once the pieces start falling into place it tends to get easier.

FlipStirTM  is a great option and provides fun and education…it’s Puzzle Fun…All-in-One!


The award winning FlipStir is a new twist in 3D puzzle gaming; this patented design captivates young and young-at-heart! Simply pull the wand back, shake the puzzle to scramble the pieces; then just use the wand, gravity and your own ingenuity to solve the puzzle and reveal the artwork. And since FlipStir is self-contained, it makes it easy for parents to clean up without searching for any lost pieces.

Shake. Stir. Solve. It’s that simple! For ages 7 and up….adults love it too!

FlipStir comes in two levels of difficulty. Level 1 has simple puzzle images and rectangular pieces. Level 2 is slightly more difficult with more complex images and curvy pieces.

FlipStir is currently available in four unique designs: Rainbow Pencils (Level 1), Tyrannosaurus Rex(Level 1), Solar System(Level 2),  and Statue of Liberty(Level 2).

All are available at select specialty retail locations and online for $24.95 at:

For more information go to:  Or like FlipStir on Facebook:

Disclosure: I got this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. I would never recommend a product that I have not tried myself nor used, every product on my blog has my full support and backing unless otherwise stated or noted. All opinions displayed here are my own. If you would like a review done contact Nicholle @ nscalacorona(a)gmail(dot)com

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