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I can remember several years where my Mom could not afford to buy us Christmas presents or food for the table. Being on that side of the fence I know that its tough and you feel bad for your kids as they see other kids getting presents and you can’t afford it. I remember there was one year that my mom had to apply for assistance for us kids and I actually I believe it was through this program. I remember her calling the radio station and asking where to go for assistance. My little sisters were 1 year old and 8 years old. I was 11 years old, all 3 of us still believed in Santa Claus. Without the help of others in the community we would of not had such as great Christmas that year. I still remember it to this day.

She was able to go shop at Target for us kids and get other items as well. We even had a fresh Christmas Tree delivered to our house I am not sure where that came from but what a blessing. That was the first year that this toy drive was held. I am very grateful for the assistance that was given to our family.

17 years later, I truly believe that if I am able to clearance shop throughout the year to collect items for my daughter and have a little extra that we should give back to the community as much as we possibly can. The Photo below is just a glimpse of what we will be donating this year. We actually have added more since we took this photo. I believe that will have at least 5 boxes of toys when we deliver them to toy drive on December 4th. Chelsea and I got some plans up our sleeve to make it special.


If you live in the Las Vegas area and have any way of helping other families in need. Even just 1 toy helps. A lot of the times preteens and even younger teens are forgotten as they are just getting out of the toys stage and not quite adults. I always try to find DVDs, CDs, Art Sets, or even spa baskets to donate. If you do donate or just feeling holiday spirited please tweet using the tag #FeelTheTingle

Toy Drive starts Thursday December 3rd at 6am at NV Energy at 6226 West Sahara (just West of Jones.) Chet Buchanan lives on top of a 30 foot scaffold at NV Energy for 12 days…until Monday December 14th at 10am.

New, unwrapped toys, bicycles and gift cards are accepted 24 hours a day. Cash too!

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