Mommy and Daughter Time: Painting on our Canvas. #MommyDaughterTime #Art #Canvas #Painting #DIY #HolidayCrafts

Sometimes just sitting down at the table doing some type of craft is what we need to relax and take a break from the day. Chelsea and I decided today that we would paint a couple of out canvas. Chelsea really enjoyed just putting a bunch of colors all over hers. I wanted mine to be more thought through so it took a bit longer than Chelsea to complete. Chelsea said that hers is a train and a house. To me it looks like abstract art that at one point looked like a dinosaur. I wanted mine to be holiday themed since we are now in the winter season.

 12232682_939236419504506_2760562784276728317_o 12232739_939254646169350_2228074952091049133_o 11950345_939254772836004_5698186921735487106_o

Chelsea really enjoys being creative and doing just about any type of art project. She really loves mixing the colors and even wanted to paint the paper her canvas was on. Pretty understandable for a 3 year old.

12248071_939255169502631_577394247809065729_o 12240869_939261989501949_374319281720419960_o 12239380_939272226167592_1522820091409429751_o

Mine took me a while to figure out how I wanted my painting to look like. I do admit that the 3 smaller trees were from using a stencil. I do feel that our art projects turned out pretty good.

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3 Responses to Mommy and Daughter Time: Painting on our Canvas. #MommyDaughterTime #Art #Canvas #Painting #DIY #HolidayCrafts

  1. Jordan says:

    fun craft idea!

  2. Angel Park says:

    I find painting relaxing too. Beautiful trees!

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