Just A Little Word From Me

Sometimes I have a hard time believing that it is already November. The Holidays are around the corner and this year seem to be approaching very quickly. I am really excited for Christmas to be here soon. I love checking out all of the Christmas Decorations around the different neighborhoods. Watching Christmas movies while I wrap presents and get presents ready for our Toy Drive Donation. We always try to give back to the community so that unfortunate families are able to have a great Christmas as well.

This year is really going to be different since Chelsea is a bit older and understands more about the excitement of Christmas. I am so excited to share the traditions I had while growing up. Each year was different for us but we sure did spend time with our family and enjoy each others company. This year I am hoping to be spending the holidays with our family. We spend Thanksgiving with one of our neighbors she is like family to us and it is great to spend our time with her.

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