Fun Times with my Toddler! #2YearsOld #ToddlerFavorites

Chelsea is really growing up. Hard to believe in a little more than a month she will be 3 years old. She is showing how much she loves art, singing, dancing and just spending time with her mommy. She lights up every time she hears her daddy come through the door. She literally goes running down the hallway to see him. She loves spending time with her daddy whenever he is home. He tends to work very long hours. She is a little smarty with a sharp memory. She has a lot of nursery rhymes memorized already. She knows most of her colors and can count to 10 sometimes higher than that. I just happy to say I am her mommy.

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2 Responses to Fun Times with my Toddler! #2YearsOld #ToddlerFavorites

  1. pollylee says:

    Our grandson just turned 2 July 3rd and he is very smart. He loves to talk and wants to be doing everything his big brother does!

  2. Janet W. says:

    That’s great she has a good memory! That will definitely help once she starts school in a few years!

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