Summers in Vegas! #NetFlix #StayingIndoors #GameTime #ArtTime

Growing up on weekends we would go to the mall, go to the movie theaters or well just rent movies on the cable on-demand service. I really enjoyed going out early Saturday Mornings with my grandpa to see if there was any garage sales open. As long as we were back indoors by say 12:00 PM we were good because we had missed the worst part of the heat. We would occasionally go to my favorite thrift store on the way home if it was on our searching route. I really miss spending time with my grandpa. With Father’s day coming a definitely am thinking of him a lot more the last few days.


It always seems to be blistering hot. Chelsea and I try to stay indoors or at the pool as much as we can. It can get up to over 120 some days here. Anyways since cable not even an option for my family we always turn on Amazon Instant Video, Netflix or Youtube for access to our favorite television shows or movies. I am about a season or 2 behind on just about every show that we normally watch. I try to avoid the spoiler alerts for any of the TV shows because it will be a while before I can even watch the channel.

I love that Chelsea enjoy crafts and playing games as much as I do we tend to be doing one of those things while our favorite shows are on in the background. While we are cleaning house music is on just about all the time. Chelsea is normally dancing around to the music while our dog Jayla tends to join her by chasing her own tail. Its a funny sight to see. I definitely do have so much entertainment when you have 4 dogs in the house and a toddler.

In our craft closet we have just about every type of craft supply possible at least I think we do. Chelsea’s favorite it sticker art. We definitely have massive supply of stickers and paper for her to get her creative side working.

What do you like to do when its over 105 degrees outside? How do you stay busy indoors?

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