Summer Time with Toddlers! #ToddlerFun #SummerTimeFun

Chelsea and I are looking forward to this summer. We plan on spending a lot of time in the swimming pool and playing outside. As well as spending a lot of time indoors. This year it is going to be very hot. We will be into the 100’s by the first week of June. Hoping that it will be on and off though for a little bit. 

My family is the type to not turn the AC on until we really have to. Last year we were able to wait until the middle of June before turning the AC on. I think this year it will be on by next week. Once we hit 100 the AC is on. I am wondering what temperature we will be able to have it set at. I think last year it was set at 83 degrees all summer long. I am hoping this year to be able to set it at 80 or 81. Not holding my breath though it will probably be back at the same as last year. We like to save energy every way possible so that we have low power bills.

I am hoping to get out and exercise whether its out walking around or doing laps in the pool. I really want to get into shape and start feeling better. I have anxiety, low iron and low energy levels so I want that to just go away. Our family pool in our complex is not opening til the 2nd week of July but I am not letting that stop us from enjoying the pool. I am happy we have more than one pool in our complex. I might even get my daughter one of those sprinkler things for the backyard so we can stayed cooled off.

What are you looking forward to this summer? What do you normally have your AC set at?

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4 Responses to Summer Time with Toddlers! #ToddlerFun #SummerTimeFun

  1. Here in Texas it gets rather hot; however I typically have my air set to 75* until around 2pm then down to 73* until the evening. With all the rain and cruddy weather we’ve had down here, it hasn’t gotten too hot yet.
    This Summer we are traveling a ton for family weddings and family vacations! My little girl turns 3 years old this Summer as well … it’ll be busy!

  2. You’re lucky with those temperatures! I live in Southern Louisiana and we stay in the upper 90s and sometimes in the 100s for our temperatures so our bill sky rockets! On average I wait til it shows it’s about 81 degrees in the house (at least with fall and winter) THEN turn the air condition back on. My husband leaves it on non-stop, but when he’s not here I shut it off and save some money!

    As far as summer plans go – who knows?! Nothing is set as of yet!

    • chelseamommy says:

      I dont like them. I wish we had a break from the 100’s in the summer. Our temperatures skyrocket to 120’s during part of the summer plus its our monsoon season where we have the most humidity and rain.

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