Adventures With Chelsea #AdventuresWithChelsea #LivingWithToddlers #MommyDaughterTime

Chelsea has such a little personality. She really likes to chat and sing. You can catch her singing several times throughout the day. She really memorizes the words too. So sweet. She loves being Mommy’s little helper and help with cleaning up the house. She loves when she gets to just relax in her room and play with her toys whether its looking at the pictures in 1 of her books or playing with her baby dolls. I can still remember the day she was born. Its hard to believe in 3 months she will be 3 years old. She is going through that stage where they ask you why for pretty much everything. She is always on the go.

When I was little I loved playing with my baby dolls and dancing around the house. I can see so much of me in Chelsea. She really seems to like a lot of the same things as me.

What are your toddlers like? What do you see them doing that reminds you of you as a child?

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3 Responses to Adventures With Chelsea #AdventuresWithChelsea #LivingWithToddlers #MommyDaughterTime

  1. jimbaldridge says:


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  2. Monica R says:

    My 3 and 1 year olds LOVE watching the movie The Lorax! When I wash dishes or cook, we always have the music on =) They’re so fun to watch. They love dancing !

  3. Ronni Linn says:

    Andrew used to do that *tear* I miss that age. My youngest is now 10. Although he’s still a mommas boy, I still miss the days when he clung to me like glue and did things like this!

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