Perfectly Posh: Calm Down Face Mask & Walk on The Beach Foot Scrub #Review #MommyDaughterTime #SpaDay


What can I say. Ever since we bought some of these products we have been in the girlie mood to for some relaxation. Chelsea and I just finish getting a foot soak and used the Walk on The Beach Foot Scrub.  Our feet are nice and soft. My feet have a lot of dead skin but foot scrub make it seem like all of it will come off on the first time. I have noticed that it may take more than one foot soak and scrubbing time to get all of the dead skin off of my feet. After 3 times of soaking my feet they are starting to feel soft for a long period of time again.  We wanted to conclude the relaxation with a nice relaxing face mask. Our faces smell like bananas lol. Chelsea’s favorite.


If you would like to learn more about Perfectly Posh and their products: Click Here

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