Minuscule: Valley of The Lost Ants #Giveaway #Review

Chelsea and I really enjoy sitting down and relaxing to watch new movies. This one was a bit interesting. I wasn’t expecting it to have no words. It was pretty neat that it was all sounds and music. Chelsea did lose interest a few times but for the most part she enjoyed it. It was pretty neat watching how the bugs and the way they live. It was about lady bugs, ant and few other types of bugs.


Description: After a couple leaves their picnic in a hurry, a gang of hungry ants moves in to steal what could be their most coveted treasure: a tin box filled with sugar cubes.  But before they can get away with the loot, a newly-born ladybug strays from its own family and gets trapped inside the box!  The ladybug is soon spirited away by the ants as they try to transport their prize across the woods toward their colony. Together, the insects embark on an epic journey to protect their sugar.

Interesting Fact: This movie was originally from France/Belgium but is now being released in the United States.

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Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants

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2 Responses to Minuscule: Valley of The Lost Ants #Giveaway #Review

  1. mdotdrizzi says:

    This movie sounds super cute! My kids would love it!

  2. Sarh S says:

    This looks like a cute movie, would love to see it with my kiddos.

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