Perfectly Posh – Fabulous Fizzies Foot Soaks #Review #SpaDay #MommyDaughterTime

Since Mother’s Day had just passed a couple weeks ago I had ordered some spa day items so I could have some relaxation and boy did these do the trick. Just put one fizzy in your foot bath of warm water and watch it fizz up. My Daughter Chelsea was so excited to watch the water that she wanted to join in the fun to so here are some pictures of her experience with these products.


11249700_855758314518984_6933357256068934250_n 11265579_855758347852314_7925321862300508322_n

She just enjoyed having her feet in the water and she kept splashing around. She kept her feet in the foot soak for about 10 minutes. I noticed that her feet were nice and soft the next morning when I was getting her ready for daycare. She is really a girlie girl so doing things like this are a blast for her.

Stay Tuned for more Perfectly Posh Reviews! We bought several of their products and even got some freebies in the mix!

If you would like to purchase products from Perfectly Posh: Click Here

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