Best Products Available from Monika’s Marketplace #2015HolidayGiftGuide

Today I wanted to share some of the best products I have seen available at Monika’s Marketplace. She has items that would be great for any occasion from Mother’s day to birthdays to even Baby Showers.

First off I would like to share about Vivant Shea Butter! This product is just amazing. This Shea Butter is a little different than the ones I have seen. Its more in a lotion or body butter type form. The other ones I have seen are almost like a bar of soap. This one smells a little different as well. Stronger scented. I tested it out on my hands and now my hands feel really soft. This Shea Butter is pure unrefined, organic & ivory.


Shea Butter can be used for:  Dry Skin, Stretch Marks, Eczema, Dry Brittle Hair, Shaving Cuts and burns, & Diaper Rash.

Next I would like to share about the Non-Stick Silcone Baking Mat Set by Fortis Productions! My daughter Chelsea and I have been having a great time using them to bake cookies and even used them for cooking our pizza on. We definitely recommend this as a great gift for Mother’s Day!


Next we have these amazing BBQ Mats! We have been making a lot of creations with them. One thing I would suggest is cut the mats to fit your grill if you have a small grill. The juices from our chicken breasts as well as steaks were leaking everywhere. What a mess. We tried using the mats again once they were cut to fit and they worked perfectly that time.


Disclosure: I got this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. I would never recommend a product that I have not tried myself nor used, every product on my blog has my full support and backing unless otherwise stated or noted. All opinions displayed here are my own. If you would like a review done contact Nicholle @ nscalacorona(a)gmail(dot)com

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