Enjoying the Spring Day at Nana & Papa’s House!

I wish the weather over here in Nevada is as nice as it is when we go to California. I really wish we had the breezy early morning and evening weather. Spring and Summer here we have the warm weather all day long. I know Chelsea was really enjoying herself playing outside in their backyard on our last day of vacation. They have a fairly large backyard with a swing set, tether ball set, chicken coop and even many garden areas. 10448694_10206330923131251_4799859594292952610_o 11149595_10206330922411233_6449065943822317127_o 11157571_10206330921491210_8186592844961537366_o 11048605_10206330912210978_3592431223391766272_o 11154632_10206330911370957_3360848775303604804_o 11090932_10206330911090950_2202955935026987026_o 11136224_10206330908050874_11801731529652964_o 11082494_10206330909010898_3106665059130515051_o 11084175_10206330906730841_8736836329040278412_o

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2 Responses to Enjoying the Spring Day at Nana & Papa’s House!

  1. Ronni Linn says:

    Such a cutie pie!! I miss when mine were that little!

  2. slysamblogs says:

    Cute! The tetherball and flower pictures are precious. I love the pink dress! Great pictures, it looks like a fun day!

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