Adventures at Wilderness Lakes: Day 9

Sad to say this our last day. Chelsea was excited about the fact that it was Saturday. Saturday’s and Sundays here at Wilderness Lakes are the only days that the choo choo train runs. Chelsea just loves the choo choo train. It definitely is her favorite thing about Wilderness Lakes. She wanted to go on it everyday if she could. After having breakfast and cleaning up a bit we got ready to go on the train ride.

imagewpid-20150411_103412.jpgWe went on the train 3 times this day. Chelsea would of wanted to go more if she could since she loved it so much. We went in the caboose for the first ride and the front cabin of the train for the 2nd & 3rd time.


wpid-20150411_105411.jpgAfter the choo choo train we went back to the trailer to clean up more and pack up so we could get ready to go home. At 12:45PM we headed over to the clubhouse for Candy Bingo. Dad and Caralynn kept winning. Dad won 2 or 3 times and Caralynn did as well. Denise won twice. I seemed to be on a losing streak until the last number was called. I finally got a bingo.


 I am going to miss seeing all of my favorite animals and just relaxing outside and enjoying the sights. I truly had a lot of fun this past week and wish it wasn’t over. Looking forward to next years trip.

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