Adventures at Wilderness Lakes: Day 8

Sad to say this is our last full day here. We surely enjoyed ourselves. It was a beautiful day out so we spent majority of the day outside. One of the geese laid eggs earlier in the morning. image Later on the morning we went to play shuffleboard. I wanted to go see Aflac so we fed him and got to pet him. image I really love this ducky such a sweetie pie. He let me pet him and everything. After that we headed over to shuffleboard. All of us played. Dad & Denise’s team won twice. After lunch Chelsea and Denise went to take a nap. Lteeny and I went to go relax outside and enjoy the breeze. We went for a walk and fed the ducks. It started getting too breezy so we went back inside. Lteeny really has been enjoying the outdoors. image

Chelsea woke up from her nap all cheery. She really loves our time while camping. image After dinner we decided to go on another walk and feed more ducks. Chelsea really enjoyed that part of the day. She really thinks its fun to feed the ducks and see the sights. image image image image

Caralynn wanted to make smores so dad got the BBQ out.  We roasted peeps over the fire. We didn’t have marshmallows so we had to compromise.

image image

We only have a day left…hope we make it worth while.

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