My Grandma’s 91st Birthday!

11045439_10206175097635711_1864727051709345122_o 11073540_10206175096995695_5213144358825622750_o A couple weeks ago my parents treated my grandma to a ride on the High Roller @ Linq. It was fun watching my grandma and my daughter excited to be going on the High Roller. What an experience. If you don’t know what the high roller is it is a ferris wheel that goes 550ft high. 40 people are able to fit in each pod. Anyways my grandma and Chelsea didn’t know where to look it was so much to take in. We could see the whole strip from up at the top. We got to watch the Bellagio Water Show inside the High Roller pretty sweet.

10575396_10206175098995745_4063072427543162304_o 11063771_10206175105475907_5234069439318603829_o 11059663_10206175107875967_7568618948345086_o 11077871_10206175109356004_3229687490071082219_o 11054817_10206175100715788_7562408497836009863_o10498647_10206175111036046_2975418073102109082_o10256506_10206175111116048_3992712489059470889_oI didn’t have that many chances to spend time with my grandma growing up. So I am glad to have every chance I can get now. I am glad that she has been able to see Chelsea grow as much as she has. Chelsea was her first Great Grandchild. She has 2 others now.

11058442_10206175113476107_1859252472059865445_o 10655300_10206175114436131_1352051320799925967_o

So let’s all wish my grandma a Happy 91st Birthday! May she have MANY more Happy Birthdays! 

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7 Responses to My Grandma’s 91st Birthday!

  1. JoyceDuboise says:

    Awww!! So sweet! Happy Birthday Grandma!!

  2. Esther Motdoch says:

    Happy Birthday mom! It’s so much fun growing old with you! Hope your birthday is the best one yet! I love you, Esther

  3. Ashley says:

    Oh GG, where do I begin? I am so thankful that my path crossed with Brock’s because it also allowed me to become a part of your life. Being able to share your last name is such a privilege. Thank you for loving me like your own. It was tough on me losing both of my grandmas, so it’s been a blessing having joined your family and gaining another lovely, inspiring grandma to look up to. Even more so, having a part of you transfer to my child(ren). Brock, Logan and I adore you more than you can imagine. Happy 91st birthday! And many more! ❤ We love you from the earth to the moon GG!

  4. tiffany says:

    Happy birthday

  5. Martha Baldridge says:

    Happy birthday mom you are the shining star that everyone should follow. Thanks for being my mom. I love you

  6. Brock Baldridge says:

    Happy birthday Grandma! I wish I could be there for it. I wanted to send a picture of Fred the camel saying happy birthday too, but this won’t let me. I hope it is more filled with happiness than the 90 that came before it combine. You have inspired me to seek a calm understanding of life like no other. I wish I could easily express how much I learned from you. That would be far to long for this comment. “Just Think” of all the things I wouldn’t be able to do without the lessons I learned from you.

  7. Marilyn Heslop says:

    Dear friend Beverly………You are “one in a million”. I so enjoyed the many years ago when we were neighbors. You were (and are) the best! Hope your 91st BD was everything you wanted, and more. Much love to my dear friend!

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