Adventures at Wilderness Lakes: Day 5

Time is just flying by. Glad we still have 3 1/2 days left before we need to get packed up and start heading home. Each day I have been waking up as the sun hits me in the face which is around 6am give or take some minutes. Chelsea on the other hand is still sleeping til closer to 8am.
Before breakfast we took the dogs out for a walk and fed a few ducks. Chelsea kept asking to help walk LTeeny. I let her hold the leash every so often as lteeny is an easy going girl and wouldnt drag Chelsea. She is the type to want to walk right beside you.
Above: Waiting for Linda to bring out breakfast.

Chelsea and Denise took an early morning nap as they were not feeling that well. I cleaned up some of my posts and did one of my reviews. Linda and the kids decided to go for swim. The geese and ducks saw there was a cup of food just sitting there so the goose stuck his head right in and fed himself. It was funny watching them do that.

After Chelsea’s nap we made a quick lunch and then headed over to the playground to play on slide. Chelsea just loves the playground.




The only thing she doesn’t like is the sand in her shoes or in between her toes. After that we went over to Linda’s to relax.


Lteeny enjoyed being wrapped inside my jacket. She kept falling asleep in there.
Denise and i went back to the trailer after awhile because Chelsea was becoming restless. Denise and I painted while Chelsea watched cartoons and colored.

What a day! Excited to see what tomorrow has in store for us.

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