Adventures at Wilderness Lakes: Day 4

Chelsea and I have really been enjoying ourselves feeding the ducks and geese. Chelsea is really becoming a chatterbox telling everyone her little stories. She really loves being here taking the dogs out for walks and just enjoying the sights.

Its nice just being able to relax outside and enjoy the sights. It seemed like this was one of those days where you just wanted to relax and play games with the ones you love. We played 10 penny a couple times. I won one of the games.


We went on another walk after dinner the dogs have been really enjoying themselves. I know LTeeny has for sure definitely wagging her tail more often. She is really enjoying the attention our other dogs always trample on her when were at home because they tend to have more energy than she does. Normally LTeeny walks at the same pace as me she always wants to know where I am well during our walk she was walking ahead of me.
Well its time for bed. Excited to see what tomorrow has in store for us.

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