Needed to Vent….

One of my hobbies is to enter giveaways or occasionally sign up for free samples. Knowing that some of my followers do too it frustrates me that some use keywords that make you get all excited so you click and it wasn’t what you expected at all.

I just can’t stand to see people posting things that either were meant for a one time use or its a giveaway and only a certain amount of people will win. Why can’t they just tell it how it is. Or even a free trial why do they have to keep that a secret and put that its a freebie its free at first but you will be paying later or there is shipping cost involved. I really dislike when they say freebie announcement and you click on the link and in plain sight (or the disclosure at the bottom of the page) it says its only a trial or even the start of a subscription. Sorry just needed to vent for a moment…Anyone else find that a bit annoying?

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