The Things Kids Say! Spending My Days With My Little One!

Chelsea hasn’t been feeling good the past couple days and as well as my husband. Even though she isn’t feeling good she has been asking her daddy if he is okay and if he doesn’t feel good. She is always asking me questions about what things are and asking if everything is okay. Today at the store we were waiting for her medicine so we were grocery shopping. We were getting her soup and jello to help her feel better. She kept seeing cookies, candy, chips, crackers and other things. So she would tell me I like that mommy. I like that. Even though she is sick she had her mind on her favorite snack foods. Of course we didn’t get any of them because I knew it would just make her feel worse. Anyways just thought I would share some tidbits of the day. Its fun watching her grow up and funny listening to the little stories she tells me. Just about anything she wants to do she now says she is going to do it “tomorrow” her new favorite word.

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