Crafting with Chelsea: Homemade Crayons

Chelsea and I love to color and actually had a big bucket of crayons. Sometimes crayons break after many uses instead of throwing them away we decided to re-purpose them. First went through all of our crayons and put all of the broken ones to the side.


Next we started peeling off all of the paper that was remaining on the crayons. We then broke them into smaller pieces and put them in the cupcake pans. We used silicone pans that we have been using for other crafts. I wouldn’t suggest using one that you plan on making food in it again as the crayons do stain them and even stick to the pans a bit.

 10406761_818215568273259_2583296994036663183_n 11037332_818215578273258_5078239302602924583_n

We placed our pans in the pre-heated oven at 275 degrees for about 10-15 mins or until all the way melted. Once melted let the crayons cool down for about 2 hours.

10850003_818215594939923_4621776878122825088_n 11072533_818215618273254_6035073495307751795_n 10419590_818215648273251_4937724718004882171_n

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