Fun Activities to do in Spring Time!

Now that Spring is coming around the corner. My daughter and I love thinking of activities for us to do. We love sitting in our front yard having a little picnic. She loves playing with her bubble blowers and her slide. Chelsea really enjoys exploring her surroundings especially collecting rocks. Almost every day she wears an outfit with pockets she ends up with a handful of rocks in her pockets. I love collecting rocks and sea shells as well as her papa. Seems she gets that trait from my side of the family. Some days its just nice to get outdoors and to enjoy the weather.

Growing up my mom would do different art projects with us. I want to keep up with that tradition by doing different art projects with Chelsea every week. Chelsea’s favorite art is sticker art. She loves just placing them on papers. At this point its just random different stickers as she grows it may be more about different seasons or shapes etc. Every Week she brings home several different projects that she made at her daycare.

What activities do you like to do with your children?

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