Adventures with Chelsea…

My sister took Chelsea to her first ballet dance class. I remember when I was in High School taking dance class well actually even in middle school I took a little bit of dance classes. I really enjoyed it.  Exciting to see which traits my daughter is getting from me…I don’t dance that well but enjoy it. I love to sing around the house with Chelsea again I don’t do it that well but we enjoy it. Chelsea will pick up on the lyrics to songs and out of nowhere start singing it. She knows most of the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Ba Ba Black Sheep, ABC’s and Jingle Bells.

Excited to see how much she enjoys her classes and if it will be something she continues on with through High School or what. I can see her taking dance, gymnastics or even choir.

Musical talents run in our family my cousin Abby sings as well as plays the piano very well. She will be trying out for The Voice for the second time in February.

More news to come from Chelsea’s Mommy!

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