Skin Ritual – Shea Butter #2014HolidayGiftGuide

Skin Ritual – Shea Butter #2014HolidayGiftGuide

I just love this product. This shea butter has so many uses from stretch marks, dry skin, wrinkles, chapped lips, dry hair and scalp, acne, dermatitis, eczema and burns. We tried this out at my last get togethers. It really made our hands so soft. I am going to try it on my hair next. My hair really seems to be so dry and brittle. I constantly have split ends. This would be a great gift for the holidays. I know I would love it since it has endless possibilities.

Skin Ritual’s Organic Shea Butter is unrefined, yet filtered.  They remove all the dirt and nut particles found commonly in other raw shea butter, and give you the smoothest, most pure shea butter experience you can ever find anywhere.  You will get only pure, shea goodness right out of our BPA-free tub of USDA Certified organic shea butter.

Unrefined Shea Butter is also excellent to use on stretch marks for pregnant woman, or even baby diaper rash or eczema.

Shea butter is completely safe to use on faces and even on the most sensitive of skins, and does not clog pores.

Skin Ritual’s Shea Butter is USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth – an internationally recognized symbol of organic integrity!  Oregon Tilth certification is recognize in both USA and Europe!  So your shoppers can shop with confidence that our produce has ZERO artificial chemicals and is safe and completely natural.

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2014 Holiday Guide

Disclosure: I got this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions displayed here are my own. If you would like your product added to our Holiday Gift Guide or you would like a review done contact Nicholle @ nscalacorona(a)gmail(dot)com

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  1. simplenailsandbeauty says:

    There really are so many great uses for shea butter. It is one of my favorites for skin care!

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