Boogie Wipes – Review & Giveaway Ends 12/2

Boogie Wipes – Review & Giveaway

Chelsea and I have been big fans of Boogie Wipes for awhile now. We were so excited that we would be able to share our love of these with all of our readers. These wipes have worked wonders for Chelsea. They really help me get rid of her stinky boogers and keep her smiling though out the day. I love that there are 3 scents available as well as a mist. They have travel packs and larger packs as well. I always like to throw a travel pack in my purse or her diaper bag in case she needs them. She has allergies so she does seem to need them often.


Boogies Wipes is allowing me to do a Giveaway as well so One of you lucky readers will get this lovely gift pack: 1 Boogie Mist, 1 travel size pack of Grape Scent, 1 travel size pack of Fresh Scent.

 Click Here for Entry Form 

2014 Holiday Guide

Disclosure: I got these free of charge in exchange for honest opinion. All opinions displayed here are my own.

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